Coffee Break
Saturday, April 22 at 12:08 p.m.
I'm studying for an exam at the moment and thought I'd take a break and grab a coffee.

So I went to the kitchen, and not wanting to have to boil water to use with the instant coffee, I decided to see what would happen if I used hot water from the tap.1 The result, though not momentous in any way, is drinkable.

As I was sipping my hot beverage, I decide to find an article that I had read a couple of weeks ago that describes the effects of coffee on your body.

I couldn't find it, but did manage to find an entry on that says the following are the ultimate results of caffeine (via adenosine and adrenaline) ingestion:

  • Your pupils dilate.

  • Your breathing tubes open up (this is why people suffering from severe asthma attacks are sometimes injected with epinephrine).

  • Your heart beats faster.

  • Blood vessels on the surface constrict to slow blood flow from cuts and also to increase blood flow to muscles.

  • Blood pressure rises.

  • Blood flow to the stomach slows.

  • The liver releases sugar into the bloodstream for extra energy.

  • Muscles tighten up, ready for action.

  • I should have probably said the 'supposed' effects of coffee because I never feel any of these. The same goes for all those fancy-pants energy drinks like Red Bull.

    Useless, all of 'em. Except for coffee. Because it tastes so good.

    Alrighty then... Back to the books.

    • 1Of course, the fact that the water coming out of our tap is hot enough to make coffee with is a bit disconcerting. We noticed this awhiles back and I was volunteered to go on my hands and knees and beg the boiler to stop making the water so hot re-adjust the heating temp to the lowest setting.

      Obviously, this did not help.

      Ultimately, I think it's just a matter of our sexy (Yes, I said sexy.) Viessmann boiler being too much for our needs. But at least the water's not as hot as it used to be.

    • Also, it serves to illustrate quite well that it's not size that counts but how you use it that matters.