Up to Sixty-Six and Ninety-Nine
Tuesday, April 11 at 12:40 p.m.
I've been mulling over writing a bit about quotation marks over the last little while. (Yes, I'm serious. Stop laughing.) So, a couple of days ago, I started to do so and got this far:

For the record, I want it to be known that I have a problem with quotation marks. Well, not quotation marks per se, but how they're used. Or supposed to be used.

The MLA Handbook says the following on the subject:

3.2.8. Quotation Marks

a. Place quotation marks around a word or phrase given in a special sense or purposefully misused.

A silver dome concealed the robot's "brain."

Their "friend" brought about their downfall.

If introduced unnecessarily, this device can make writing heavy-handed. Quotation marks are not needed after so-called.

Their so-called friend brought about their downfall.

[This continues for a bit.]

Then, yesterday, I was looking through one of my notebooks and found this, dated February 7th, 2006:

I have a problem with quotation marks. Or rather, I have a problem with the way in which I've been told to use them.

The MLA Handbook, which is the Bible of punctuation, grammer and style when it comes to the Arts, has decreed as such:

One is to use double quotation marks to denote a direct quotation: "Today is Tuesday."

[Etc., Etc.]

I had completely forgotten that I had started to write the second entry. It's just a little weird that my thought process works in such a similar manner even two months after. Or maybe not.

As for my issues with quotation marks, you'll have come back to find out about that.

And today, for all the nice people that come here just to listen to music, a little Architecture in Helsinki.

What's In Store?
Architecture In Helsinki
From the album In Case We Die

Carve your name into my arms
'Cause I long to feel your name blood red
Leave our love life at the door
What's in store?
We don't know just yet

And that is why when we get together
There's no need to be clever
Lightning struck at eleven same as last night
We talk deeper than weather
Baseball cap with a feather
Fire engine's here to quell the blaze in our life

Sidestep neighbours full of lust
Good times rust
And the runaway's best
And when the love detector finds a spark
It's before dark when we couldn't care a less

Cheers and all that. I have an exam to write in a couple of hours.