Media, Messages and Readers
Wednesday, April 19 at 9:18 a.m.
Just a couple of random tidbits:

Read this quote in an article by Jeff Isrealy for TIME. It's especially enlightened, I think.

...Marshall McLuhan... The Canadian-born writer, who coined the phrase "the medium is the message," was also a devout Catholic. In one conversation recorded by his wife, McLuhan said: "Christ came to demonstrate God's love for man and to call all men to Him through himself as Mediator, as Medium. And in so doing he became the proclamation of his Church, the message of God to man. God's medium became God's message."

Also, a hint of sorts to all of you who visit this site and others that serve RSS feeds. Get a newsreader, like NewsFire, or get a Bloglines account. Google has a free online reader as well. Additionally, for Firefox users, there's Sage.

I read over fifty sites/feeds a couple of times a day. Doing that site by site would be very time consuming. But, with NewsFire, I can get it done in about ten minutes. Yes, really.

So, go, find a reader that works for you. And save your time for better things.