More TEDTalks, Ideas
Friday, August 4 at 10:21 a.m.
I've heard of Julia Sweeney before, and I'd heard good things about her one woman play "Letting Go of God", but I never had a chance to see it. Thank goodness for TED, where Ms. Sweeney performed some of her work.

Follow this link to watch it online or to download the video or .mp3. She makes some good points, and makes you laugh while she's doing it.

Also, check out this talk given by Jeff Han as he demonstrates his Multi-Touch Interaction computer screen.

It's legendary. Or it will be.

And finally, have a listen to this bit - The Lying Down - an excerpt from a CBC documentary on Sarner's Disease.

Make sure you visit the Ideas website to listen to the commentary afterwards.

You'll need RealPlayer to access the last two audio files