audio: India Shining
Tuesday, May 25 at 2:59 p.m.
As heard today on CBC's The Current:

There's a good chance telemarketers interrupting your dinner---to flog products and services----aren't calling from Moncton or Mississauga. There's a good chance they're calling you from India. And when you answer, you're part of what's being called India Shining, the new mantra echoing from the east.

With an economy that has averaged an eight per cent growth in each of the past several years, with stock prices soaring, and foreign currency growing----it's clear India is open for business. And there are job by the thousands. But in a country of almost a billion-----who is India shining for?

Stephen Puddicombe spent several weeks trying to answer that question. Stephen will be part of a program airing tomorrow night on CBC Radio called India, Tradition and Transformation. And he brought us this documentary for The Current. Stephen was in our Halifax studio, he is CBC’s National reporter for the Maritimes.

Click the link next to the title to hear the documentary via RealPlayer. High speed internet access recommended.