Tuesday, October 7 at 4:24 p.m.
i've always thought it strange how we never notice the little details in life. here's a random list of some things i've noticed in the past little while:

why do some stairs have lips at the edge of each stair? I'm talking about stairs that look like this:

perhaps it has something to do with the way our feet naturally fall as we walk? either that or somebody decided it would be really funny to make people like me who have two left feet trip every time they attempt an ascension. sweet saramma, some people are so evil.

around three years ago, my father found a quarter with a hole in it among some change he received; i've had it on my key ring ever since. yesterday i took a careful look at it and noticed that it was minted in 1979. why did the fates decide to send a quarter with that year on it my way? why not some other random date? and while where on the topic, is there such a thing as chance, or does everything that happen to us happen for a reason?

have any of you seen the print ads for the Toyota Echo Hatchback? they're appearing in subway cars and in some stores around the GTA. if you ever see the one with the guy loading a flying saucer into the back, take a closer look at it. the guy in the ad is leaning back to get a look at the alien's posterior. i'm serious. in another, a woman is taking a giant banana out of the trunk to present to a King Kong-like figure hulking off to the side. if i'm correct, they're on Martin Street. why Martin?

sorry to send all this drivel your way.

earlier today i was doing some research for a project and learned that Frank Lloyd Write, one of my favourite architects, was the inspiration for Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, one of my favourite novels. i don't really subscribe to the philosophy of objectivism, i just think the book is a good read. anyway, i've chosen Wright's Fallingwater as the topic for my assignment.

i'm tired; i'll stop here. please comment, answer a question or criticise my spelling as you feel the urge. yes i agree, the spelling line is getting old.

also, i guess i should say that any text on this site that is blue in colour is a link. so you can click on the word "Fallingwater" and you'll see a picture of the house. i'm sure most of you know this, but just in case.