windows + ie == bad
Friday, October 3 at 10:33 a.m.
i will reply to the recent posts of others, but now i need to go to class.  take a look at this:
A zero-day exploit targeting an Internet Explorer (versions 5 and forward) vulnerability is being used to install a Trojan on vulnerable systems. Experts warn that it's only a prelude to a series of attacks that are likely to be highly successful. 'This zero-day exploit is huge. It will likely be a major and highly successful, vector of attack upon thousands of computers for some time,' says Ken Dunham, malicious code intelligence manager at iDEFENSE. 'We have verified that attackers are installing backdoor Trojans and dialers on targeted computers at will.' 'Multiple examples of the exploit code are available for attackers to analyze and use in crafting their own attack,' adds Dunham. 'This type of code availability and underground activity traditionally foreshadows a flurry of malicious attacks.' " (Marc Erickson)
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