all the ducks are swimming in the water...
Thursday, October 2 at 8:44 p.m.
and so it's done - i've cast my ballot. i hope (all of) you did so also. i was a bit disappointed that i was not allowed to keep my voter card. everyone else seemed to be allowed to do so, but i was not. why? because they made a mistake with my name. with my middle initials actually. so they got to keep my card for reference or something like that.

after i voted, i walked to the store to buy some milk. a four litre bag of 2% to be exact. i heard a joke once, "You know you're Canadian if you can say the words 'Homo Milk' without laughing." in case any of you didn't know, our neighbours down south, as far as i know, call it 4%. anyway, i digress.

it's so cold outside, i was swearing all the way to the store. i'm not really sure why i was swearing, because i wasn't really upset about the cold. i think i was imagining that i would sound cool to all the people who might hear me. but i was swearing to myself... in my head.

crap. (i'm too polite to swear online.)

but that's okay. i'm sure the other people that live inside my head thought that i was cool. well, even if they didn't, i did. so there. i was also glad that earlier today, i stopped trying to be macho and got out my winter coat.

i am of the suspicion that there is some sort of underground used-bag market. let me explain. we buy our milk at this little Bangladeshi store near our house. they're too cheap to get bags with their store's name on them though. i mean, they're to... to... cheap. sorry, that's the only word that comes to mind. (if you're ever on the Danforth between Victoria Park and Main, look out for Sarkaar Foods on the north side. that's them.)

so... what these people do, i suspect, is buy bags that were once the property of other stores. they're new bags, mind you, but they have the logos/names of other stores on them. interestingly, the bag i got today, is from a store called O Nosso Talho - The King of Meats. big deal, you say? let me finish. Nosso, as we call it, has two branches. one is located on Dundas West, near our old neighbourhood. i wonder if this means they've gone out of business. that's too bad. they used to sell interesting things like partridge. never tried it though.

and just in case you're wondering, no, i was not serious about other people living in my head. my head is already too crowded with just me. i don't take myself seriously and neither should you.

now, sing with me...

All the ducks are swimming in the water.
Fal-deral-deral-do, Fal-deral-deral-do.

All the ducks are swimming in the water.
Fal-deral-deral-do, Fal-deral-deral-do.