Ah, Me
Saturday, May 13 at 11:15 p.m.
Or, "There's No Rest for the Wicked"

My PowerBook decided to die on me a couple of days ago. Well, perhaps not my PowerBook, but the hard disk at least.

No heckling, please. This has not at all changed my opinion of the laptop itself or its worth in comparison to a Windows notebook.

I had made a backup of my school work a little while back, so I still have all the most vital documents. Unfortunately, I don't have anything else.

This means that I have to recreate, from older versions, a lot of the material I need to hand in this Monday as part of my written portfolio.

Good times indeed.

Thankfully, I also installed copies of Portable Firefox and Gaim on my USB drive a few months ago, so I do have all my bookmarks. And IM. Which is kind of helpful.

Anyways, this space might be kind of quiet for the next little bit as I get things sorted out/start summer school/submit my portfolio.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and coming week.