Middle See
Tuesday, May 9 at 3:02 p.m.
This morning, around nine, our piano tuner - Mr. H - arrived at the doorstep for his annual visit.

I greeted him at the door, hung up his coat and chatted with him for a few minutes as he got his tools and the like set up. After he had done so, he pushed the fallboard back, pulled out the seat, and got to work. And then he asked me for my name.

During his first visit, when we initiated our greet-chat-work-name? ritual, Mr. H placed one of his business cards under the top cover of the piano, to use as a place to record each tuning. When he took it out this morning, to record today's date, he realised found - to both our surprise - that he's been taking care of our piano since 1995.

1995! That's over a decade. And things have changed quite a bit since.

The thought of it all's left me nostalgic and wistful and a little sad as well.

Variations on Canon in D Major
George Winston
From the My Sassy Girl OST / All The Seasons of George Winston

I've decided to accompany this post with a piece of music instead of the usual song/lyrics. It's my favourite variation on Pachelbel's Canon in D Major, by George Winston.

Canon in D is, unfortunately, one of the most overplayed pieces of music in the world. As a result, it's easy to just shrug it off when you hear it; the fact the it's a very, very beautiful piece of music gets lost on our ears more often than not. This particular rendition does a good job of making you pay closer attention.

The file will be up shortly. Click to hear.