Wednesday, January 4 at 12:50 a.m.
Things I noticed and/or discovered over the last little bit. In no particular order:

Pride & Prejudice
The one and a half or so hours I spent watching the latest attempt at Pride & Prejudice would have been better spent reading the book.

Please see the post previous to this.

My suspicions have been confirmed: I do not like driving.

I need a new bookcase. I've filled the five shelves of the one I already own. The couch in my room has foot-high piles of books all across it. I have two boxes of books hiding behind my stereo. And, the row of books on my desk is swiftly becoming two.

If this is what I am to become, then I should forewarn all my clients that nothing I do will be on time. Due to various experiences of late, I'm beginning to suspect that 'architect' is almost synonymous with 'tardy'.

All you brown gals who can't cook need no longer fear. I can personally attest to the existence of tv dinners made specifically for the south asian. Hungry husband? Just nuke 'im a serving of idlee and sambar. Delish. Or not.

If you're scratching your head after that: idlee is something like a small pancake, and sambar is akin to stew, and made with lentil, potatoe and a few other things.

I recently found out, much to my surprise, that I could apply to med school at the end of my B.A. if I so felt the need. I've got all the required credits, even though I've spent almost all my time in the Humanities. Of course, I'd have to ace my MCATs. I think I'll do it just to see if I can get in.

If you're wondering why I would do such a thing, ask me about the OCAD story next time you see me.

7-Eleven brews surprisingly good coffee. It's certainly better than Tim's. Which is not saying much, I guess.

Jer, please don't hate me... There's no Mac's near UofT.

I have personally replaced the caulking around our bathtub at least twice. And regardless of how smooth the application is, mildew builds up again. Last night, I was finally able to get my hands on a product (the Tub Surround variety) I saw advertised in either Architectural Digest or Interior Design a couple of years back.

Tomorrow will be a good day.