The Long Haul
Tuesday, December 27 at 11:18 p.m.
Today was almost a very sad day.

I will explain shortly. But until then, have a listen to this:

From the Wedding Crashers OST

Sailing on this motorway tonight

thinking I might drown if the waves aren't right

wind pushing me from side to side

and I'm thinking, of what I had.

How if I broke my legs and I broke my head,

even after all the things we've said

you'd still be there by the side of the road

waiting for me to breathe

You're my sweetheart

You're my sweetheart

and If I never see you again,

just want you to know what I think

Sammy took me out for a walk in the park
and as the dog ran round the track's lights lit up
people running round in their shorts in the rain
again and again
He said "You can come back tomorrow,

you know you can", I said

"You know I don't wanna do that man"

so he told me he loved me and he shook my hand,

now I'm waiting, shaking in my van.

Thinking that you're my sweetheart

you're my sweetheart,

if I never see you again,

just want you to know what I think -

cos we got so far to go,

are we gonna get by?

I can hardly see the road,

yeah but I'm gonna try,

I'm gonna try

Whether we're together in a knot or not

is small beer compared to what we got

so don't smoke yourself to death I shall be the one

who'll always be there, if you've got to run.

Yeah I'll be there, if you've got to run.

I'm tired.