article: Lost Girl Knocking
Thursday, September 9 at 7:28 p.m.
Read these articles on Relevant over the last couple of days and thought I'd share:

Lost Girl Knocking: Parts One and Two
by Shawna Quade

As a little girl, life was full of possibilities. Outside of school and chores, I lived in a fantasyland of pretend. I was a powerful attorney wrestling the most complex cases ever known to man. I was a gypsy princess fighting the battle of freedom for my people. I was a private detective hunting my prey and solving mysteries. I was a famous singer crooning my way to riches. I was going to marry Elvis. I was special. I amounted to something. I was sought after and cherished beyond anyone’s imagination. I was tough but tender. Smart but humble. Beautiful but unaware of my own beauty. In my dream world, I was everything I wanted to be....

Read it - it's beautiful.

On another vein - addressing those of us who are back in the halls of academia - why does it seem that one has less and less time to adjust to the change upon each successive return to classes?

I could swear that the allowed settling-in period was a bit longer than ten minutes in first year.