One for the ladies
Thursday, September 2 at 8:51 p.m.
Now that work is winding down, I find myself left with a few days to catch up on a summer's worth of reading. That's not happening.

I did however, manage to catch this article by Dave Barry, an excerpt of which I have so generously provided:

For example, recently, in a surgical shopping strike so blindingly fast you would need slow-motion replay to even see it, I located and secured a new cellphone that, in addition to being a phone, receives e-mail AND takes extremely low-quality photographs. It has changed my life. Now, when I'm not using my phone's cellphone feature (''Hello? Hello? Hello?'') I can use the camera feature to record precious moments that I can share with others. (''Here's a picture of my daughter's ballet recital. Or, the Grand Canyon.'') And thanks to my phone's e-mail feature, even when I'm away from my computer, I can receive the literally hundreds of urgent messages I receive every day from people wishing to enhance my manhood.


And this article actually made me laugh out loud, spittle a flyin' everywhere. Okay, so that was a bit of an embellishment, but it is very funny.

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