Work, Late Nights, Love
Friday, May 28 at 7:43 a.m.
Today is my first official day of work. That sounds rather ominous, doesn't it? It's not all that bad. The place where I'm going to be spending most of my time for the next three months is actually quite nice.

On the other hand, it means things like this - my late night/early morning posts - will no longer be happening. Well, they should no longer be happening. I hope they no longer happen - I really can't afford to stay up this late every night. It also means that I'm going to be occupied from nine to five every week day. That doesn't sound all that nice. Oh well, I suppose everyone has to join the rat race at some time or the other.

That was written around two in the morning. But I fell asleep before I could post it. Good day, all.

I don't normally approve of such things, but this Love Calculator produced some interesting results. Give it a try.