one of us: addendum
Monday, October 13 at 4:00 p.m.
on Friday, some of us had a short conversation concerning the song One of Us which i posted recently. most of the sentiments express concerned the second line of the refrain: "Just a slob like on of us". someone - i won't say who - jovially threatened to turn me in to the authorities for my blasphemous rendition of the song. (i had started to sing the refrain earlier.)

but, now as i think about it, the line seems quite appropriate. we... sorry, i should say i tend to forget how Jesus was viewed by the general populace during His day. His followers were a small lot; if there were more, the masses crying "Crucify Him" would never have gathered.

if Christ were to have lived today, He most probably would have been considered a "slob" by those around Him and perhaps even by you and i. He was also considered a bastard. schizophrenic. a terrorist. a vandal. and i'm sure, a host of other things that i can't remember at the moment.

what would we do if we were in the place of the "good believers" of His day? how would we react?

- His disciples didn't wash their hands before they ate. how unhygienic.
- it was common knowledge that His mother was pregnant by God knows who before she was married. how scandalous.
- He constantly heard the voice of His absent Father. quite crazy, really.
- His believers were accused of "turning the world upside down". so disruptive.
- He was known to have rampaged through the temple, throwing out the local moneylenders and peddlers of sacrificial doves. and in the name of His Father, no less. a real menace to society.

small wonder they wanted to kill Him.

i am no comparison to Christ, but how would you react if i came in to eat with dirty hands? or if i didn't know who my father was, but walked around claiming to hear his voice? or if my friends were arrested as public nuisances? or if i walked through the lobby at Ohio convention overturning the tape sellers’ tables?

think about it. reply if you want to.

please tell me if you think i'm wrong - that would be most helpful.