ad hoc
Saturday, September 27 at 1:08 a.m.
SC430...the hard top disappears magically :)
as for the gel, try moose..i think thats how u spell it. Might be wat ur lookin for. Back to cars, as for the echo or any lil cr@p like that should be turned to scrap and used to build cages for their designers. Any company that advertizes that their vehicle has new added 140Hp should be boycotted (sunfire/cavalier), sorry guys, you know who u are AHEM..v&v..AHEM. Anything less than 240 let the 3rd world countries have em. Our highways are 100km and cars should be capable of reaching that in nothing less than 8sec. Keeps the enterance ramps cloged when you got Fred Flinstone trying to run his car to its top speed of 90km in under 20sec. And wats happeneing with the cars of today...they come with less power and horrible designs. As my former college buddy put it, "Lawnmowers on steroids" when referring to the suped up civics. Thats my back to limein.