Re: Oh Canada! addendum
Friday, September 19 at 11:19 p.m.
Hey everybody…what’s up…I hope this Isabelle chick did not cause too much damages there… so how was it there…was it exciting? man I thank God I’m here…

Anyways… I was taking a look at the discussions that was going on about the O Canada! Addendum, and I was not really going to post anything up, but we had this huge discussion/argument/fight on this topic in Business Class… Basically, after all the arguments and blah blah blah crap …everyone admitted it was wrong, but they were still going to do it because – it’s the thing to do now a days…So, yesterday I actually read the link that Chris posted… MAN that thing is boring… almost gave up… but some how found it waaay interesting reading it from bottom to top J … trust me …I got issues these days…

What I think … not that it matters … but I totally agree with Jay-P, I don’t think we should do it as Pentecostals … Coming to Johnny P, I THINK you have a valid point but at the same time not sure … a little iffy … but again as Pentecostals, I don’t think it is God’s desire for us to listen to secular music at all … again, I believe bottom line that it all matters on how strong a Pentecostal’s personal relationship with God is, inregards to this issue

Anyways, I was thinking about all of this and had another discussion question… some what on the same lines… Do you think a person will be caught up in the rapture if he has pirated software in his/her computer? I was actually thinking about this hard (woah!!! –when does that really happen) I mean, I know it is wrong and it is considered stealing. So it has to be wrong Right now I am guilty of it like big time… and I think 95% of us are… so what do you guys think, will we go up??? Is it an issue to be taken lightly ??? I mean, I was imagining Pastor T.U in Ohio convention, the last day of convention, telling us that God is faithful in making us ready and we will all go in the coming and we should have faith … and you guys know how it is… the WHOLE CROWD goes WILD…YAAAAAAAHHHH and everyone is jumping up and down and then in the end most of us wont go because we all have illegal Microsoft Windows / Office / etc. Its pretty funny …. I’m cracking up right now actually!!!…You guys probably think I am an idiot… but I guess you have to hear me right now… BUT seriously… what do u think about it? Do you think that it is serious enough that it is a next issue our church should emphasize on during convention… if you think about it… if it is considered stealing, then it is pretty serious… I don’t know…do I make sense???… i never gave serious thought to this until right now... anyways… tell me what u think about it….

Anyways, you guys have fun … miss you guys a lot … I’m going hiking tomorrow with a friend in church and his wife… I’m really exited that I can’t sleep right now… and they are going to feed me Breakfast… What a deal!!!... Take care…oh and I don’t have a hip name either Chris…I guess the only think I can think right now is

Vineet the pooh…

Vineet Abraham