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Wednesday, January 12 at 3:44 p.m.
I finally got a chance to listen to the last Barenaked Ladies album released before Barenaked for the Holidays. Yes, yes, I know how long ago it came out. Everything to Everyone is a nice album. Seemed a bit on the short side when I listened to it, but it does have a few good cuts .

In the world of Macintosh, where I find myself spending more and more of my time, Apple introduced the new Mac mini and iPod shuffle along with iLife '05 and its new iWorks. I am covetously eyeing the 1 GB iPod shuffle. Now I just need some good reasons to buy it... I will come up with some. I think the fact that it can also be used as a fob provides great justification for the purchase.

Mr. Job's Keynote address was actually a great boon, because it let me keep busy during what had to be the three most boring hours of my life. Actually, the whole of yesterday ranks pretty low on my list - my day began (officially) at 9:30 AM and ended around 9:00 PM. All thanks to my work/study placement which starts at six. I don't mean to sound dismissive; working at UofT's Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design is usually pretty interesting. Just not yesterday.

On the bright side, along with the meagre addition to my normally non-existent income, I do have the the opportunity to regularly speak with some of the students in the faculty's graduate programmes. I haven't really been liking what they've told me of what awaits me, but I have a little more time before I have to worry on such things.

The one thing I did have to get used to when I started working at the al&d building was the co-ed washrooms. Thankfully, whoever made the decision on the toilets was smart enough to only use stalls, two of them actually, so it's not as awkward as it could be.

When I saw the stalls, I was reminded of an article I read a little while back in Architectural Digest about a design firm where there were two doors, side-by-side that led into the office. The employees would regularly post notes on the two doors, notes like "in" and "out" or "right" and "wrong", just for the fun of it.

I attempted something similar in the washroom. But, I figured I should start slowly before moving on to things like "right" and "wrong" or perhaps even "wright" and "wrong" (Get it?!?) and used "His" and "Hers". Both appropriately created in AutoCAD 2004, of course. Unfortunately, I never got around to changing them, and today if you walk into the washroom on the third floor of the al&d building, you'll see a white paper that says "Hers" still stuck on the door of the stall closest to the entrance. The "His" sign has disappeared for some reason.

I suppose that says something about the toilet habits of the two genders, but I won't even step in that direction. I would never claim to be privy to the greater mysteries of the universe.

And here's a song from the album I mentioned way up there near the top. Nice, wistful little tune. Love the stereo guitars as well.

Have You Seen My Love?
Barenaked Ladies
From the album, Everything to Everyone

Have you seen my love?
Have you seen my love?
Have you seen my little girl?
Oh, have you seen my love?

All that I want is to be your friend,
Cause you're the only friend I've ever known
All I need is our love, we agreed
That the two of us wouldn't be alone

In these faded old photographs, you can see how we smiled
I became a man in your arms, now I'm helpless as a child

There is a dream that we both used to share
And we swore we would never wake
Now the dream's a nightmare, and the truth to be fair
Is that dreaming was the first mistake

Though we share the same memories, and I swear that's her face
Did you bury the woman I love, and fall asleep in her space?

You know, it just hit me: why isn't "hers" spelt "her's"? That's weird. And English for you.