Feature Films
Friday, April 30 at 9:50 a.m.
Films to see... Umm... Think about. In no particular order:

Forgot this one earlier. Yes, of course we all know what happens in the end. That's okay.

Good-bye Lenin
Very nice film about life in East Germany after the wall fell.

Napoleon Dynamite
Because I have a soft spot for nerds.

Danny Deckchair
You know, it really would be cool to fly off on a deckchair with a few dozen helium balloons tied to it. From the land down under, I think.

The Terminal
Hanks. Zeta-Jones. Need I say more?

I, Robot
Asimov. Looks good, but not great.

Shrek 2
This actually looks better than the first one. We shall see.

All 'bout Cole and his music. Great supporting cast too.

Two Brothers
From the director of The Bear. Anyone who can make a film with people and animals like that deserves a second viewing.

Spider-Man 2
Don't even think about trying to stop me.

This one looks pretty bad. But do it for those marionettes that kept us entertained not so long ago. Thunderbirds are go!

The United States of Leland

Around The World In 80 Days
Disney adaptation. It will be bad. But do it for Jules.

The Agronomist

Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius

13 Going On 30
Because I like romantic comedies. Sue me. And Ms. Garner is quite nice in this one. Even with her... Somewhat mannish shoulders.

Kill Bill: Vol. II

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Kauffman. Brilliant.

Disclaimer: This blog and its author(s) do not in anyway condone these films or the utilisation of such forms of entertainment.