Friday, March 17 at 2:32 p.m.
An excerpt from a recent conversation:

Christopher: i feel like such an idiot right now.
Christopher: i'm sitting in sid smith
Christopher: in the study area
Christopher: and there's this girl sitting in the table in front of me
Christopher: and she's blabbing away to her friends...
Christopher: and i'm thinking...
Christopher: my god... shutup.
Christopher: do you realise how stupid you sound?
Christopher: and then, a little while later
Christopher: she starts walking around, handing out this surveys about body image
Christopher: and all the questions are like...
Christopher: "do you feel the media portrays an ideal body image"
Christopher: 1 2 3 4 5
Christopher: where you're supposed to circle one.
Christopher: so, i filled it out and when she came back...
Christopher: i pointed out that she's asking yes and no questions
Christopher: but asking people to circle a number
Christopher: and she goes, yeah.. but i think it's not clearly a yes and no question.
Christopher: so i said, i know... but you should say, on a scale of 1 to 5
Christopher: and she says, yeah, that's what it says there...
Christopher: and points to the first line of the survey...
Christopher: which says basically that in nice bold text.
Christopher: so i just had to smile and say, oh sorry... didn't see that.
Christopher: and hang my head in shame.
Christopher: in my defence, i'm tired.
Christopher: and kind of preoccupied.
Christopher: but still... i feel stupid.
Friend: hehehe
Christopher: and the moral of the story is...
Christopher: "Always read the instructions"
Friend: heh..this is pretty good advice.

Such is life...

TGIF. Hope everyone has a great weekend.