Hair Cut
Wednesday, March 3 at 10:12 a.m.
Today, I am telling myself, I will go and get my hair cut.

I'm one of those guys that does not go to a "barber"; I go to a "salon". What does that say about me? I'm not sure. But if it does say anything, it says that I'm too lazy to walk to the barbershop down the street. The salon is closer.

Getting my hair cut is a hassle, but in a nice way. The salon has a policy of washing everyone's hair before cutting it. This involves sitting in a reclining chair, having my head draped over a sink, etc.. I wish I could complain about how the water they use is always too hot, how the shampoo always ends up in my eyes and ears... But that would be a lie. They invariably do a good job. And having your scalp massaged while it's being shampooed is a very pleasant sensation.

The conversation's not that bad either. Last time I was there, the girl who cut my hair told me of her trip to Pakistan last summer for her brother's wedding. She went on to comment on the restrictive nature of the land and of her desire to never return. Then she spoke of how she is planning to enter university the following year, after saving up some money from her job at the salon. I just listened; I don’t usually offer such tidbits of information.

I never cease to be amused by the sense of camaraderie that is always found at the barbershop/salon: perfect strangers telling each other intimate details of their lives without giving a thought to how it is being received.

As I get ready to leave the house, I know that one other thing will happen; it does so almost every time I go. I will receive comments - compliments - on the length of my eyelashes. Only women would notice such a thing. Being a guy, long eye lashes are of no use to me. But I suppose that one day my daughters will thank me.

Here’s a song of sorts, along a nostalgic vein. Am I the only one who remembers this episode?

I'm Going To Get My Hair Cut
Sesame Street / Cookie Monster and Jeffy

J: Hi there, Cookie Monster.

CM: Oh, hi little friend Jeffy. How you today?

J: I'm not feeling too good, to tell you the truth.

CM: Oh, what the matter?

J: Well, you see, today I'm going to do something that my Mom says I have to do. And I am gonna do it, it's just that, well, you see...

CM: What is it, Jeffy? What wrong?

J: Well... I'm going to get my hair cut.

CM: Oh.

J: I've never done that before.

CM: Me understand now.

J: I know I once cut my finger
I know I once cut my knee
If cutting my hair's gonna hurt like that
The barbershop's no place for me
But, I've gotta go get my hair cut

CM: Oh, Jeffy.

J: Mom says I'm going to look so nice
But when it's done I'll look on the floor
At the hair that was up on my head before
It'll be all gone, and I'll bet it'll never grow
I'm getting my haircut, but I don't wanna go!

So you see, Cookie Monster, that's why I don't feel so great.

CM: Oh, Jeffy. That no reason to feel bad.

J: No?

CM: No, Jeffy. Do me a favor - look at me fur. It's pretty shaggy today, hmmm?

J: Hmmm, it does look a little shaggier than usual.

CM: Right, but me no like fur to get too shaggy, so you know where me going?

J: Where?!

CM: Me going to get me fur cut

J: Oh.

CM: Me gone plenty of times before

J: Really?

CM: It not like cutting me finger
It not like cutting me knee
'Cuz cutting me fur doesn't hurt at all
The barber's gentle as can be

So me going to get me fur cut
Then me going to look so nice
Me look in mirror, and me see
A handsome monster - oh, it me!
Me always get me fur cut when it grow
Me getting me fur cut, and me so glad to go

So you see, there no reason to be afraid to get haircut.

J: Gee, you mean you like it when you get your fur cut?

CM: Mmm hmmm.

J: Well, then maybe I'd like it too.

CM: Like it? You'll love it!

Both: We'll look in the mirror and we'll see
A handsome person - oh, it's me!
It's fun to get your hair cut when it grows
We're getting our hair cut, and we're so glad to go!

J: Oh, boy!

Oh boy indeed. I forgot to mention earlier that this site is now compatible with all major browsers. That Netscape problem has been taken care of. And for all those who made it this far, another song: Me and My Llama. HoMeBoY, you're welcome.