ba mwen kob
Monday, March 8 at 12:43 p.m.
"In Haiti, you hear this a lot: 'ba mwen kob.' It's French Creole, and it means 'give me some money.'"

CBC's Dispatches recently aired a series - Haiti: A Country Never Dies - about living conditions in Haiti. I was shocked to hear that at the markets in and around Port-au-Prince, you can buy cookies made out of margarine and dirt. On the other hand, for the rich, it's possible to eat at restaurants that serve butter specially imported from France.

Unfortunately, Haiti is in the news right now because it's news; in few months, it will be forgotten. Thing is, I don't know if there is anything that I could do. But that's not a very good excuse, is it?

Click here to listen to the documentary by the CBC's David Gutnick. (RealPlayer Required.)

Before I go, condolences to some friends who recently lost a loved one. You are in our prayers.