article: Addicted to Looks?
Thursday, March 25 at 8:30 p.m.
by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

For men, physical appearance is everything. Countless times I have told a single male friend, "I have the ultimate girl for you: kindhearted, highly intelligent, comes from a loving family. She'd be great for you!" In every instance, his first question is, "Okay, but what does she look like?"

When I say, "Well, her great size virtually guarantees that you can't notice the hunchback, and her shaving every day has gotten rid of the mustache," he spontaneouly decides to apostatize and check into a monastery.

And wait, it's getting worse. Today men no longer even focus on a woman's looks in their entirety. Today it's a single feature that they look for. It can be blue eyes, long legs, blonde hair, or Mt. Vesuvius built on her upper rib cage. Men today are so obsessed with looks that they almost never seem to care for character and goodness.

Women are faring no better in finding a man for the right reasons. I will tell a woman that I want to introduce her to the nicest guy in the world, very handsome, who has beautiful values. In every case, her first question will be, "What does he do?" When I tell her that he works part-time as a night watchman in a local junkyard, she suddenly discovers her latent homosexuality....

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