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Tuesday, July 29 at 4:44 a.m.
heard an interesting piece a little while back on the radio about a new form of advertising being used in Britain. did some googling yesterday and found this out: it is now possible to rent out your forehead for advertising.

that's right. Cunning Stunts Communications Ltd. will pay you up to £4.20 ($6.83 US or €6.36) an hour if you wear a removable tattoo on your forehead for a few hours a day while you're out doing your thing. seems to be very popular with uni students struggling to pay loans. hmmm...

forget it. no way. i'm not that desperate.

i guess this goes along with students working as strippers for the same reason. i'm serious - it's really good money. or so i've heard.

if you want to read more, here are some links:, (quoting The Wall Street Journal) and MSNBC. read another similar story at on how the homeless are being used to promote a pizza firm.

also, i've redone and moved the Niagara and Trinity-Bellwoods Districts Gallery here; included some of the more interesting pictures this time. i realise that it might be hard to figure out why i took the pictures i did, but i don't have time to actually type up the "self-guided" tour sheet i used. if you really want to know, or don't understand why chose the titles i did, e-mail me.

lastly, isn't it funny how google has become a verb?