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Tuesday, July 8 at 4:58 a.m.
by now, some of you have probably heard of Punjabi MC. frankly, i don't get it; literally or figuratively, but he seems to be making waves in Europe. his hit single Mundian To Bach Ke is um... interesting? i'm not even sure if he just mixed it or actually sings in it. anyway, as a favour to all my desi brethren, i present the lyrics - in English - and a link to his site.

Mundian To Bach Ke

Keep your face down and hide it with a scarf
Don't just give your love to anyone

Be careful of the boys
You've only just grown up
It's not your fault that you've got beautiful eyes
Once you've realised this you will become shy
Look after your youth
This time won't come again

As you are growing up, people are becoming aware of your good looks
Everyone is looking at your thin waist
There's no one like you

The boys are talking about you everyday
The streets are full of stories about your looks
Don't let the attention drown you


don't ask, 'cause i don't know - i just got the lyrics from his site. you have to hear the song to appreciate its... punjabiness - is that a real word? it can be *cough* found *cough* using google - no fancy shmancy fs needed. but be warned, this is real Bhangra. the album will be available in Canada around the 15th of July. i think.

last but not least.... i learnt a new word: digger. think wigger, but for desis.