The Passion of the Christ - Rated R
Tuesday, June 8 at 10:43 p.m.
Here's something I saw in church on Sunday.
The ‘R’ is for the violence & gore. In movie terms ‘R’ stands for RESTRICTED, but in this movie ‘R’ stands for RELEVANT, for it REALLY happened for a REASON. Because we were REBELLIOUS, we needed - a REDEEMER; to be RECONCILED; to be RECOVERED; to be REGENERATED. Jesus needed to be REJECTED so we could have a RELATIONSHIP not just a RELIGION. The ‘R’ is to REMIND us to REMEMBER what Jesus did to REMOVE our sin to RENDER Satan powerless; to RESCUE us from eternity in hell. The ‘R’ is to show that Jesus is RESPONSIBLE for giving you REST. As a RESULT of His death, Jesus RETIRED your debt. The ‘R’ means that some will be REPULSED, some will REFUSE to believe, some will think you’re RIDICULOUS to believe that a death was REQUIRED. The ‘R’ means the RESULT of sin has been REVERSED & through faith in Christ your REWARD is eternity. You are now RIGHTEOUS before God because you have RECEIVED Him as RULER of your soul. What a REVELUTIONARY & RADICAL solution to REDEEM mankind.