Did You Know??
Wednesday, June 23 at 10:05 a.m.
Chimpanzees and apes, orangutans and a few other primates laugh - but no other animals do. Chimp's laughter sounds like rapid panting, but unlike humans, chimps can not regulate the air as they breath out, which means they can't change the way it sounds. This lack of ability to control airflow is the same thing that deprives them of speech.

But just because primates can't talk doesn't mean they can't share jokes. Chimps and Gorillas that have learned sign language have been known to sign one another for laughs. Sometimes they give incorrect signs in "conversation" and then laugh; other times they urinate on humans and then sign "funny". Pretty cool!!

Intersting Fact Learnt Today:
In one day, your blood will travel nearly 12,000 Miles