Cancer Cure
Tuesday, May 25 at 8:18 p.m.
Hi Everybody,

Hope all you guys in toronto/kingston/newfoundland are doing ok. As some may know or now know, we just had our (Montreal) revivals and some like mr.mud were nice enough to join us. As for me, this was probably the most convicting but yet motivating mtl revivals i've been to. I'm sure Chris will give you all the lowdown on what went on, but it'd be nice if some of you guys could come down next year, if there is one.

For me personally, this whole aura of cancer has just hit home recently and more so, today. I heard that Bro. Sam (Jaison's dad) is doing better, which is awesome- we've all been praying for him. In Ottawa, one bro.Peter is suffering a lot, i think you all know him he came to the TO convention couple years ago, cyril/joanne/jerry should anyways. Today he stopped by with some Macdonald's and his two kids, and needless to say, i was devastated. It was the first time i'd seen him since his treatment, and if you know the type of person Peter is- loud, encouraging, happy etc. it was especially difficult. He could barely talk but still managed to get his trademark "Praaaiise the Lord" off, and after saying hi and nodding his head several times, he fell asleep within ten minutes of him being there. Just recently, his daughter (8 yrs old) asked, "when's daddy going to be daddy again", referring to his 'new' appearance. Today, however, she made me realize how much faith i did not have, she told me that he was going to be fine soon. Even after seeing all that their father suffered, and continues to suffer, they believe that their father will be healed. Just the same, Peter KNOWS it too.

After getting my periodic spiel of the playoffs on tsn, i was intrigued by the story of a baseball player, Andres Galarraga, who once had cancer, not once, but twice. I know some people recover from cancer, but i'd never heard of someone who'd done it twice. (perhaps its a lack of exposure, i.e. rural Ottawa) After reading on, I found out that this former slugger too trusted in God for his healing. And after all this he wants to return to the bigs and get 400 homers! Memo to the blue jays, sign this chap now!! (see link)

After hearing/seeing stuff like this, i realize how inconsequential my problems are. I hope to stop complaining about them, and start praying for others who have more serious issues. In the words of mr. Galarraga, "keep fighting and don't lose faith in God."

Please do pray for Peter and his kids, Ella and Mitchell.

Thanks Chris for the air time.

Jon M