who am I????
Wednesday, October 8 at 10:57 a.m.
What up my fellow muds? How’s everyone doing today? I’ve been keeping up with the posts…pretty serious discussions…some of them way way over my head …too much for me to handle? Anyways… keep up the good work…real interesting discussions. Mr. Mud please try to get everyone involved. Also to answer your question about the hair toss/play of girls…yes its true..very true.. And who is this friend from Newfoundland??…who ever he is…the guy is full of wisdom…keep in touch with him and trust me..u’ll learn a lot…and AC please don’t call the kid foolish… everyone knows that redheads rock!!! Get with the program AC…get with the program…

Since we are all into the thinking mode these couple of days… Just want to ask you guys a question. Have u ever thought of the question “Who am I”? That’s a very interesting question if u actually think about it…I’ve been thinking about the question “who am I” for the last couple of days? Like what significance do I have to society, friends, family, God – who am I ? What do others see me as?? For us to think what is man is like asking who am I in one sense. I’ve been thinking about this lately, and tried to come up with answers but its kind of hard … yeah and so far all i have written down in my paper is - single, sexy and sweet.
Have a great day